I had Rosacea for more than a year: My cheeks were red and full of little pimples. Sometimes I felt like just not having skin anymore. Way too often my face started to burn and turn bright red. With make-up, it could be covered a little bit, but not completely. And there was nothing that could have cooled it down. By chance I found out that it became better if I avoided histamine-rich food such as spinach, arugula, strawberries, white wine, chocolate, and soy sauce.

Substitutes for histamine-rich foods:
Strawberries -> Cherries
Arugula -> Lamb’s lettuce
White wine -> Dry martini
Sugar -> Honey, agave syrup
Chocolate -> Licorice
Soy sauce -> Salt and herbs
Aged cheese -> Goat, gouda

But the real gamechanger was bringing dairy back into my diet. I had cut out dairy products a long time ago and replaced them with oat milk, almond milk, and soy products. When I started adding milk to my coffee again, my skin went back to normal. I also stocked up on calcium supplements because that felt right.

Now that my Rosacea is gone, I’m mostly vegan again. Only if there is a hint of a relapse do I steal some of the milk that my spouse keeps in the fridge. The next day my skin is always fine again.


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