Thishelpsme.com is a collection of things that have worked. Methods, rituals, remedies, tips & tricks, useful links, playlists, watchlists, answers, and advice.

The idea behind Thishelpsme.com is that we are all healers. Most of the time we know what to do. If we don’t know, we ask someone, and that person doesn’t have to be a doctor. It can be a friend or a family member; it can be a book or a website.

Thishelpsme.com is a place where you can store or find things that have helped. You can save what helped you and find what helped someone else. It’s all about sharing experiences.

The Story

In March 2020, just before the lockdown, my husband and I both had COVID-like symptoms. We did not feel well enough to go to a doctor and at the same time, not bad enough to call an ambulance.

Whenever we had the strength, we tried to find cures online——something that went beyond over-the-counter medications. But mostly we ended up on sites where we were told to keep our distance, wash our hands, see a doctor, and wear a mask.

We longed for someone who had experienced something similar to what we were feeling. Someone who knew what to do.

Fortunately, friends provided us with prescriptions, and we did finally find some help online, including Organic Olivia, a passionate health researcher whose parents both suffered from COVID-19. We recovered quickly with the enormous help of a special orange peel tea recipe and lots of rosemary.

So I decided to create an archive of experiences——Thishelpsme.com: An open space for everything that has ever helped somebody.


Is Thishelpsme.com only suitable for health issues?

No, it can be for anything from parenthood to work routines to a better way to tie your shoes. Remedies, rituals, tips, thoughts. Life lessons or beauty hacks. The remedies should be as natural as possible. It would be great if they worked with what you already have at home.

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Thishelpsme.com is a passion project. It is 100% not-for-profit
How do you submit?

It’s quite simple. Just share something that has helped you. Be as specific as possible about your symptoms and the cure. I look forward to your contribution!

“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” — Yoko Ono


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