One thing

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As an HSP and an Introvert I’m sometimes dreaming of a life that is uncomplicated, adventurous and filled with fun and ease.  I am afraid of things that are pretty natural for most people. I assume.

To challenge me, I try to do one thing that scares me every day. Only one. A real door opener. And it provides me with the feeling that I have done something. It’s therapy. That’s what this “One thing” is all about.

Start with a random list of things:

If I weren’t too shy I would…
… go to this shiny store, smile at the saleswoman, get lost in the products.
… make this call. It’s just a call.
… write this email.
… try a new yoga center.
… go to the farmer’s market.

Today’s “One thing” is all about recalibrating your habits in ways that help you to participate more without feeling drained. Babysteps!


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