How to soothe your cat in heat

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If your cat is in heat and for some reason you cannot have it spayed or let it out, here is help:
All-you-can-eat: Give the cat all the food it wants. Being in heat and hungry is a bad combination.
Cat massage — there is an acupressure point that is really helpful (YouTube Tutorial: here), but if it doesn’t like it, just massage it a bit wilder and more creative than usual
Playtime: Games in which the cat runs and jumps a lot, this is very distracting and makes your cat tired
Herbal remedies — try catnip, it has a calming effect on some cats
Soothing music (YouTube: here)
Isolation: Keep your cat only in one room when going to bed, so that it does not walk around all night.
Bedtime ritual: Try to perform the same ritual every night, for example: Play, massage, food, doors closed, soft music


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