handwriting therapy

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The method was invented by Vimala Rodgers, the author of the book “Your handwriting can change your life”. According to her theory, you can change your thought and behavior patterns by changing your handwriting.

Each letter represents something specific. For example, ‘o’ is the letter of verbal communication, ‘n’ is the letter of friendship, ‘i’ is the letter of clear perception and ‘j’ is the letter of intuition.

You only work on one letter at a time. Then you move on to the next one.

I always start by writing an entire alphabet and pick the letter that looks the strangest. Then I write it, in the form suggested by her, for 3 lines, in lower and upper case, as another 3 lines with words that begin, end or contain the letter.

While you write this letter over and over again, you work on the topic. And while you write it in a certain way, it creates space for you to experience the topic with new eyes.

I have been doing this for years now, and I will probably do it forever – it is the only form of meditation that works for me.



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