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I have a decent collection of mushrooms, in the form of pills and powder. 3 of them I use regularly:

1. concentration
When I need a brainbuster that makes me clear, focused and goal-oriented, Hericium is my favorite. It works immediately. Nice side effect: It seems to keep my digestion in order.

2. creativity
I like to take Gotu Kola in the evening. It makes my creative juices flow in a friendly and gentle way.
Once I took it in the morning before I went to a meeting and I found it hard to communicate – so I didn’t try again.

3. general well-being
Reishi is a mushroom that can be taken as a cure. I like to take it in the evening, after dinner (that’s why I take it when I want to lose weight.)

Preparation: Combine one spoon of the Reishi powder with hot water in a tiny cup, like an espresso. Yes, it is bitter. But so good.


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